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By Danielle Alexandra

Beginners Hair extension Course Manchester

Beginners Hair extension Course Manchester

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  • Manchester
  • 6hr
      • 3 methods in one day
      • Kit included
      • Fully Accredited

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      On Our course you will learn 3 of the industries most popular hair extension methods. Learning Individual Nano or Micro bead, Tape and Weave methods will give you the foundations and skills needed to allow you to build your dream client base whether that will be adding length to shorter hair or thickness safely for anyone suffering with thinning hair or hair loss this ensures your never turning business away. This Course is suitable for beginners whether you have no hairdressing experience at all or you’re just starting to add hair extensions to your client base, This is the course for you.

      On our hair extension course we understand learning styles can vary, we cater to everyone & include a theory setting and a hands on practical approach including demonstrations followed by hands on practical work on a dolls head we provide. We include a starter kit with everything you need to get started so you don't need to bring anything with you.

      Our courses are fully accredited with ABT, an industry recognised provider so once you have completed our course you will receive a certificate enabling you to practise as a fully qualified hair extensionist, gain access to trade accounts and gain insurance. We include manuals for you to take notes and refer back too after the course which includes everything we cover on the day and more, we include individual manuals on each method making it easy for you to grab your notes and re cap before any clients. you will learn fitting and removal of all hair extension methods.  In our morning of theory we teach you the skill set you need to start or run your own hair extension business including:

      - Consultation and being able to choose the best method of installation
      - Colour Matching
      - Pricing structure and how to make money with your trade accounts
      - Suppliers lists (for all textures)
      - Problem Solving
      - Placement (individual drawings for you to take home on each method)
      - Social media guidance
      - Cutting and blending

      All course prices include a Starker Kit Including:

      - Pliers
      - Beads
      - threaders
      - clips
      - comb
      - Tape remover
      - Needle & thread
      - Hair to pass assessment
      - Dolls head & clamp to keep to build up your speed at home

      Upgrade your kit to our professional range in our new sleek and compact carry case at checkout


      What are nanobeads?

      Nano beads are one of the newer options on the market, with a silicone tip (our favourite) gives the flexibility to wear the hair up with nothing showing. The tip can be fitted on a bead 90% smaller than a micro bead, leaving these extensions the most discrete option for clients.

      Nano beads can be used to create half a head for volume or a full head to add length, these individual pieces can be distributed around the head easily allowing perfect placement for adding colour.

      Microbeads were one of the first individual methods, these beads are a little bigger than nano beads however much easier to work with as a stylist. We recommend adding this method if your client base has thicker or textured hair as these Will Hold better.

      On the course you will learn how to fit and remove these safely, placement as well as cutting, styling and maintaining.

      Selling points for your clients:

      • Very light weight, the perfect method for someone wearing extensions for the first time.
      • Adds volume
      • Adds length
      • Add colour without harsh chemicals
      • Can wear the hair up easily
      • Perfect to add only half a head catering for hair loss clients wanting to thicken hair up
      • Individual pieces mean you can place them anywhere for the perfect blend


      Tapes are a great latest addition to the hair extension market, usually sold in pieces approx 2 inches wide, they are by far the flattest method, enabling the client to wear them closer to the hair line, perfect for thickening around the face, extending shorter layers or adding a full voluptuous feel with extra length while still having the power of individual placement. This method can be worn up discreetly and with our bespoke placement can create beautiful colour transformations too.

      Selling points to your clients:

      • Can be used to thicken finer hair in one block
      • Can be used to add length
      • Placed strategically can create beautiful colour transformations like face framing or balayage
      • Great for extending short hair styles such as bobs
      • Great for extending breakage or short layers

      On the course you will learn how to fit and remove these safely, placement  as well as cutting, styling and maintaining.

      Celeb Weave

      Weaves are the all time queen of volume in one place! Perfect for all textures celeb weave technique is made up of a microbead track with the hair sewn onto, the perfect upgrade to the older fashioned 'braid & sew' this braid less weave means the weft can be held safely by distributing the weight across the microbeads, allowing less tension and quick 'tightening' appointments and can hold upto 350g in one client.

      Selling points for your clients:

      • Quick refit appointments
      • Can add lots of hair for length or thickness
      • Great for extra weight
      • Adds volume
      • Can Add colours without colouring your hair
      • Great to add length to already thick hair

      Hidden Weave

      Hidden weave is a method designed to wear a weave up more discretely, it is our favourite method in the salon and is currently sweeping social media with its “under the hood” before and after shots its a great method to offer enabling you to combine the thickness of a weave with a discrete fitting service! We would recommend adding this on but you must first learn the basic 'celeb weave' you will stay for 1 extra hour on the day.